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Ascension of Our Lord – Reflection – May 24

What do you need to be happy? That’s the challenge each of us has faced over the past few months! What have you missed the most in the COVID-19 world? I know Joanne and I have missed Mass in the church, dinig out, a vacation and cottage time but mostly, it’s because these activities involve others. We all miss close, intimate, loving relationships; sharing life with others, parents and children, families and friends… doing enjoyable things together. Where do we get all this> It comes from God who created us, created everything. God created us to have enjoyable relationships that make us happy and fulfilled. Why did God create us this way? Because that’s the way God is and we are created in His image.

Today, we celebrate the Solemnit of the Ascension of The Lord. What I will suggest today is that it is in our relationship with the risen Lord that we will find the key to happiness now, but also some day in Heaven. We have a lot of misconceptions about what will make us happy. To illustrate misconceptions about happiness in heaven, I begin with a story. It happened that a cat died and since it was a good cat, it went to heaven. Now, St. Francis takes care of animal heaven — at least the section for cats and mice. Being very kind to small creatures, St. Francis asked the cat if he had any special requests. The cat replied, “All my life I slept on hard surfaces. I want a nice fluffy blanket.”

After the cat came a group of mice. St. Francis asked them what they wanted. The head mouse replied immediately. “We had tough lives on earth,” he said, “Everyone was always chasing us. We want roller skates.” So St. Francis outfitted them with tiny skates.

A few weeks passed and St. Francis checked up on the cat. The cat was the picture of happiness. “My blanket is so comfortable that I never want to leave it.” he said. Then he added, “By the way, thanks for the Meals on Wheels!”

Well, as this story illustrates, it is easy to have misconceptions about what will make us happy in heaven. Unlike those mice, we probably don’t imagine speedy roller skates, but we might think of other things: Mass in church, dining out, a vacation and cottage time as suggested earlier! Those things are great and in some way they might be part of heaven, but this Sunday Jesus tells us what we really need to be happy.

It would have been easy for the disciples to assume that everything was over. The call, the commitment, the commission could have all ended on that fateful Friday, when the one to whom they had committed their lives was murdered. Even in the face of the resurrection, there did not have to be an understanding that what began three years earlier would continue. The trauma of the crucifixion of their teacher, friend, and messiah had sent them scattering in fear and grief. And as much as Jesus had tried to prepare them, they really weren’t ready for life and work without him. It could have been over.

But something happened when the disciples gathered at the Mountain of Galilee. The resurrected Christ, the living Lord, Jesus, met them there.

As Jesus greets them and they’re worshipping him but even in the midst of their worship, there is still some question, there is still some uncertainty, Jesus declares to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.” Jesus, the one who taught with authority, Jesus, the one who healed with authority, Jesus, the one who confronted power with authority declares to his scared and frightened followers: “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.” He gives them their purpose. He gives them their mission statement. It was Jesus’ way of saying to the disciples, ‘It’s not over. I know you don’t understand what’s happened. I know you don’t understand what’s going to happen, but just remember this: It’s not over! Go, and make disciples!’

It is not a numbers game of who has how many, but its taking time to enter into relationship with others that is deeper than superficial friendship. It is daring to share with others the life-giving, life-liberating, death-defying relationship of God in Jesus Christ. It is inviting others into this relationship. Earlier, in the Gospel of Matthew when Jesus commissions the disciples, he sends them out, but he says only go to the lost sheep of Israel, only go to a select few, and only go to you and yours.

But in this commission, Jesus is saying to the disciples: You can’t stop with you and yours. God’s love is not to be limited; it must be made available to the world. Go beyond what you know. Encounter me in other places and carry my love there. But it’s not over. It’s not over in that welcoming process, for Jesus says to the disciples, “Teach. Teach them to obey all that I have commanded you.”

We have work to do. The magnitude of the work to which we are called is bigger than we can imagine. It is bigger than our own understanding. But in the midst of this awesome challenge, in the midst of Jesus saying, “It’s not over,” there comes a promise. “I will be with you always, even unto the end of the age.”

Unlike Mark, Luke, and John, Matthew does not report the ascension of Jesus into heaven. He does not have the disciples looking up and seeing Jesus separated from them once again, but Matthew concludes his Gospel with a promise, “I will be with you, always, even unto the end of the age.” Jesus’ presence with the disciples, Jesus’ presence with us is a reminder-it’s not over-the work of God continues in us and through us. That is the source of our happiness!

Gracious and loving God, you continue to challenge us and push us. Whenever we would become settled and want to just accept what is, remind us that the work to which we have been called is not over. As we seek to minister in your name, remind us that you are with us and will never leave us even unto the end of time.

-Deacon Terry Murphy

Fr. Ranjan’s 2020 Easter Message

On the first Easter morning, the disciples were locked in for fear of the Jews. They had lost their master, their leader and their Lord. There was a lot of anxiety, uncertainty and darkness. As a band of Jesus’ disciples, they had no hope of continuing as one group.

When they were in this darkest situation of their life, they received a message from a woman assuring them that, as Jesus had promised, ‘He is Risen’ and ‘He will meet them in Galilee’. We know the rest of the story. Week after week, until Pentecost, Jesus appeared to them even when they were locked in – he passed through the locked doors.

Easter brings us new hope and new life. Jesus is risen, He is alive and He is with us! This message is the basis of every mystery. We are the people of the resurrection and nothing can hold our spirit down.

I want to wish all my parishioners and friends a joyful feast of Easter. This Easter may be a different type of Easter for us, but it is not much different from the early church Easter celebration. Let us celebrate our Easter, sharing our joy, love and hope with each other, praying to God to bless us all.

I wish you all abundant blessings from the Risen Christ.

Fr. Ranjan D’Sa, OCD

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