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Saint Dominic Parish

The History of a Faith Community

January 22, 1954 - One acre of land donated by Toccalino family for the site of the new parish in Bronte; an additional four acres were purchased later.

June 22, 1955 - Bishop Joseph F. Ryan established Saint Dominic Parish and appointed Father Magnus W. Straus as the first pastor for the community of just over 100 families.

July 1, 1955 - First parish Mass celebrated in the rectory basement chapel,

July 8, 1955 - CWL established, Irene Dunnigan as president.

November 17, 1956 -Parish rectory completed.

December 18, 1956 - Saint Dominic School blessed by Bishop Ryan; Sister Eulalia Mane, principal.

November 17, 1961 - Saint Joseph School blessed by Bishop Ryan; Sister Denise, principal

November 25, 1961 - First meeting of St. Vincent de Paul Society; Herb Landry, president

February 18, 1962 - Laying of cornerstone of Saint Dominic Church by Father Straus

February 26, 1962 - Solemn blessing and official opening of Saint Dominic Church by Bishop Ryan

November 1965 - St. Ann School blessed by Bishop Ryan; Mary Moore principal

1967 - Georges Vanier School blessed by Bishop Paul Reding; Larry Loftus, principal

January 18, 1968 - Collapse of Parish Hall

November 30, 1968 - Resignation of Father Straus for health reasons; Father Ralph Diemert appointed new pastor

March 29, 1970 - Bishop Ryan approves plans for new office facilities adjacent to the Rectory

November 26, 1973 - Father Harry Schmuck appointed pastor

1975 - Church redecoration to conform to Vatican II

October 20, 1976 - First Parish Council Meeting; Barry Kay, chair

February 1, 1977 - Sister Joanette Paleczny, SSND joined pastoral staff

October 1, 1977 - Father Paul Boucher appointed pastor

June 30, 1983 - Father Stephen Bodnar appointed pastor

November 15, 1989 - Father Bodnar died suddenly

February 10, 1990 - New Parish Centre is opened

June 27, 1990 - Father Murray J. Kroetsch appointed pastor

December 8, 1991 - Daily Mass chapel opened

August 30, 1993 - Sister Joanette retired

1996 - St. Ann School closes; new Saint Dominic School is opened

June 1998 - Sanctuary renovations and new cross erected

1998 - First of a series of trips to The Holy Land

June 1998 - Sanctuary renovated and a new figure of the risen Christ erected

October 1998 - Church roof replaced - metal roof added over existing roof

June 2000 - Father Victor W. McNamara, retired; in residence at Saint Dominic

December 2000 - Interior church renovations completed - new pews, new carpet, new ceiling

June 26, 2002 - Father Roger W. Formosi appointed pastor

2003 - Mariusz Durbajlo, a seminarian, came for his pastoral internship of two years

June 2004 - Mariusz Durbajlo ordained as Deacon

2004 - New heating and air conditioning installed in Church

May 2005 - Ordination of Father Mariusz Durbajlo to the holy priesthood for the Diocese of Hamilton

June 2005 - Father Mariusz Durbajlo departure from Saint Dominic Parish to accept his appointment as Associate Pastor of Blessed Sacrament Parish, Kitchener, in the Diocese of Hamilton.

June 2006 - New Stain Glass window installed on west side of the church. It was dedicated and blessed on Pentecost Sunday. The donor is Mr. Joseph Aigner, President of Artistic Glass in Toronto. He is a former Saint Dominic parishioner.