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The Saint Dominic Parish Library has a collection of over 400 books, videos and tapes.

Books are divided into the following sections.

Biography (BIO)


Saints (ST)

Magisterium (MAG)

General (GEN)

Videos/Tapes (VID)

Scripture (SCR)


Within each section, the books are arranged alphabetically by the last name of the author.

To illustrate, to find the book

A Life of C.S. Lewis by Clive Staples

Go to GEN- S

When you go to the book shelf, you will have to look through all of the GEN-S labels to find the book. As the library will only be maintained once a month, the alphabetical order may suffer some disarray from time to time. Just keep looking!

Once you've located a book, sign it out in the green binder on the bookshelf. The sign out sheets require you to leave your name and telephone number which we need in the event we have to track a book that is long overdue. Suggested borrowing time for a book is 3 weeks, but there is no fine for overdue items!

Suggestions on new acquisitions, comments, etc. are welcome by email to [email protected] If you have books or videos to contribute, please drop them off at Church in the box labeled Contributions.