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The Feast of Saint Dominic - August 8th

Saint DominicDominic was born at Calaroga (Spain) about 1170 and died at Bologna (Italy) on August 6, 1221. As an Augustinian monk he was noted for prayer, penance, and an exemplary life. In a time of violent crusades he sought the reconciliation of the Albigensian heretics through instruction and prayer. He established the Order of Preachers (Dominicans) to revitalize the Church through study, preaching and prayer. Dominic is remembered as a preacher, organizer and patron of learning.

As we celebrate our parish patronal feast, we are called to give thanks for the holiness of life of Saint Dominic and his witness to Jesus Christ. We are also called to remember with gratitude all who have been and are members of our parish. We thank God for their holiness and life and witness of faith which is a source of encouragement and blessing for us.

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