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"The pathos of man is that he hungers for personal fulfillment
and for a sense of community with others."  - J. Saunders Redding

Women’s groups and men’s groups: This is a great time to look into doing something for yourself. The benefits, however, will not stay with you only! The Lord is generous. The following is testimony from our parishioners who have been really appreciating this for some time.

“At the Scripture discussions together we discover the road Christ wants us to walk on, and then we discover how long this road really is!”

"My Scripture Group Time is the time I give myself.  It's a time to listen to what God has to say to me and to those sharing in our special small group."  

"I joined a Scripture Group some 5 years ago. When I decided to join I thought well  there is nothing to lose. Little did I know that there was so much to gain. So here I am 5 years later and as enthusiastic as ever."

We have many groups that meet at numerous times throughout the week.  Please contact us if you'd like to join one or if you'd like to find out about setting up your own group.

Some of our groups are currently looking for new members.  Contact the Coordinators, under the Contacts heading at the left of this page, if you are interested.  Revisit this page often for updates.

The Wednesday evening bible study group meets at 7.30pm in the parish centre. The group is for those interested in wanting to understand each Sunday's readings in more depth and to share each others perspectives on the scriptures and what they mean to each of us. Its also a great way to make new friends in the parish in a safe environment. You are welcome to come along and try it, the door is always open.

Contact our Scripture Group Coordinators By Clicking on the Links Below

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